the sunset series


The Sunset Series

I am really excited to be able to share with you this very special body of work that I produced during lockdown. This long awaited exhibition will be held in early June in the Studio Gallery here in Arnside.

If you would like an invitation to the Private View on Friday 2nd June 6pm – 9pm, please email me as there will be limited places.

The Exhibition is on for two consecutive weekends and also by prior arrangement during the weekdays in between. Please email to request a viewing on the weekdays.

E: [email protected]

Exhibition open, all welcome

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June  and

 Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June   10am – 5pm

This theme gradually emerged as a metaphor for both eternal values and the temporary nature of existence. 

These images aim to express the continuity of natural time but also to symbolise our transient presence.

During the long lockdown period our local ambience subtly changed and slowly became tranquil and calming.

Life’s trivial distractions eventually slipped away …

But there were still two reassuring daily events …

The sun rose and the sun set.

The estuary’s serene beauty was most deeply felt in the evenings when there was more time to contemplate and reflect.

Each dusk the seascape offered up, moment by moment, unique and fascinating experiences.

This slow peaceful communing at sundown, became a meditative and deeply restorative ritual which naturally evolved into actual paintings.

During this unusual time, I seemed to develop a heightened clarity and a more nuanced discernment of the visual elements needed to capture the beautiful sensations which I had experienced.

An exhibition of 24 small paintings produced during lockdown based on Arnside Estuary Sunsets observed from the same location. They focus in on some of the more abstract elements while retaining the subject.

As the body of work developed it seemed to be more than the individual paintings, it became one piece of work. I started to envisage this big block of work being displayed all together. This needs to be viewed in situ, as looking at the individual images on screen can’t adequately covey that impact. I hope seeing it in the flesh will provoke the emotional response that I deeply felt during the whole process of this study.

Alongside the 24 Sunsets there will also be other larger Estuary themed paintings as well as a new release special reproduction print featuring 20 of the sunset images.

I hope you enjoy the exhibition and that each piece of work will remind you of the peace always within us, a simpler life, a life that’s precious.


No.25   Oil and mixed media. 32cm x 21cm ( framed size 53.5cm x 42.5cm).