Update and important information for visitors

It has been wonderful to welcome you all back!

Hi All

I have been very busy over the past few of months engrossed in working in the studio inspired by my local landscape. The lockdown has given me time to solely concentrate on my work without all the other work that being an artist involves, such as: visiting framers, printers, graphic designer, photographer, gallery deliveries etc etc.

Prior to lockdown I had produced some new work that was ready for a May Open Studio I had planned but that sadly couldn’t take place.

I have been clearly focused and lucky to have the quiet peaceful space in which to work. I can’t wait to show you all the new work. I suspect there won’t be big groups in the studio for some time so I am working towards holding an exhibition whereby time slots are allocated over maybe a week or 2 week period for arranged visits. I will send out an email nearer the time when plans are in place so if your not on my mailing list please add yourself or email me if you would like to be kept informed.

In the meantime you can arrange a visit to the studio by email or phone but expect a more messy surrounding as I am working. There is currently a lot of work on display and browsers with prints. Prints can also be ordered online. Greeting cards can be ordered in pack of 12 via the shop menu on this website.

Important  Information for visitors 

In order to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all, please read the following  health and safety guidelines for visiting the studio. 
A specific day and time slot will be allocated for visitors.
Please do not visit the studio if you or any members of your household have been ill in the last 14 days or you feel unwell.
If you feel comfortable please wear a face covering or mask if others are in the studio at the same time.
Please use the sanitiser gel at the door upon entry and exit.
The preferred method of payment for paintings and prints is BACS please, but if don’t have online banking then a cheque is acceptable.
(For the time being, Greeting cards will only be sold in gift packs of 12.)
If you cannot use your pre booked time slot please let me know as soon as possible, so this frees up a slot for someone else. It also means that I can plan my work around visitors more easily.
Please try to be on time to avoid unnecessary overlaps with other visitors, but we understand delays happen.
Usually there is a good time gap between visitors.
Generally visits will be limited to one household or to you and your friend but very occasionally 2 groups may be in the studio at the same time. The studio is very spacious with many windows and can easily accommodate this but please observe social distancing measures.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation to keep everyone safe.