The Lake Artists Society Feature Artist

I am delighted to have been chosen as this Springs feature artist for The Lake Artists Society.


 Here is a copy-

My new Studio with Gallery space is the most wonderful space in which to work as well as to display and exhibit in a beautiful environment”.

Built 3 years ago next to her home in Arnside, Tracy says she still feels the excitement and joy when entering her studio, it is such a peaceful, inspiring and uplifting place in which to work. Designed with her son they created a light filled space that is perfect for both working and exhibiting. The views of the Estuary and Lakeland fells beyond are an added bonus.

Tracy’s landscapes, seascapes, and wild flower subjects often mean painting outdoors in situ in and around Cumbria as well as travelling to her favourite locations in The Outer Hebrides, the Yorkshire Dales, Southern France and Spain.

During the past year, being more confined to the small area of the AONB landscape on her doorstep has led to an intense local focus with acute observation of this stunning environment.

A positive side to the situation has been that Tracy has been prolific and a large number of paintings has been produced and even though she has been painting around South Lakeland for more than 25 years, the lockdown has given rise to more contemplation of her environment with a different perspective and new material.

Tracy often finds the beauty in nature that most people would overlook or ignore, for example in a clump of weeds or wildflowers on a road side. A welcome addition, and to which Tracy says “they just keep creeping in”, is the inclusion of more birds in recent work being depicted amongst foliage and within her landscapes.

Thistles at New Barnes Beach. 52cm x 53cm.

The lockdown has given me time to solely concentrate on my work without all the other work and distractions that being an artist involves, such as: visiting framers, printers, graphic designer, photographer, gallery deliveries, website and much more. Which for me, this is perfect!”

Tracy warmly welcomes and loves having visitors to her studio, which she has missed during lockdowns. Many new works are on display and visitors can now book their visit.

Beautiful Morning. 52cm x 52cm. 

Here is a sneaky preview of one of the paintings Tracy has reserved for this years Lake Artists Society summer exhibition.

Winter Walk around Brothers Water. Acrylic and mixed media. 52cm x 52cm.