The Studio and Gallery is open to visitors by prior arrangement. You can order prints and greeting cards gift packs online. 

 If you would like to arrange a visit to the studio for a private viewing and have the gallery to yourselves to browse please contact

or phone 01524 761512

All strict government guidelines with social distancing and hygiene measures will be in place.


Recently hung in the studio for viewing are the following new works…

Pinks, Arnside Bay. Acrylic and mixed media. 52cm x 52cm. 2019.
( prints also available ). SOLD

Moira’s View. Acrylic and mixed media. 42cm x 42cm. 2019. SOLD.
( prints also available ).

             And this series of Geese, mono prints are very popular!

Geese. Monoprint, varied edition of 6. 27cm x 24cm. Oil, mixed media and copper leaf. 2019. ( 3 of 6 sold ).


Top of The Kirkstone Pass. Monoprint. 30cm x 30cm. Varied Edition of 4.

Clouds Over The Bay. Acrylic, oil and mixed media. 74cm x 49cm.

I have been painting this area of the South Lakes for over 25 years and I am still inspired to produce new work based on this landscape.

There are browsers with a wide selection of reproduction prints and greetings cards. Many new prints have been released this year.

Let The Grass Grow ( Hope Springs Eternal ). Acrylic, oil and mixed media. 52cm x 52cm.

Painting wild spaces and wild flowers has been a passion of mine for many years. Creating awareness of natural beauty in sometimes unnoticed places, and general appreciation of our beautiful landscape by highlighting the unseen or overlooked areas of our surroundings. This painting is a message to let nature take care of itself, which then has a positive effect on wildlife and the environment. The aim is that we can see nature’s resilience and the hope is that we will be encouraged to take the necessary action to allow nature to flourish.

During lockdown we have seen a positive effect on the wildflowers with many more wild spaces, overgrown verges, hedgerows and roadside banks occurring as management of land has been scaled back and has been left to overgrow . Rewilding, benefits the environment. The bees and the butterflies are thrilled. 

Clouds Rolling In, Sandside Bay. Acrylic and mixed media. 42cm x 42cm.

Summer Colour. Acrylic, oil and mixed media. 52cm x 52cm. 2019. SOLD.

Spring In Arnside. Acrylic, oil and mixed media. 52cm x 52cm. SOLD.

             The Cove 1, Silverdale. Acrylic and mixed media. 42cm x 42cm. 

             The Cove 3, Silverdale. Acrylic and mixed media. 22cm x 22cm.

Swan. Monoprint and mixed media. Varied Edition of 2. 32cm x 32cm.